The Positive Social Media Community for Teens

Daily connection, motivation, and support for teens 13-17 (from anywhere in the U.S.!) in a private social media community. Peer leaders called “Teen Mentors” are pre-selected for their maturity and positivity. Teens who participate in our program will hear from those who understand them best – other teens. Facilitated by professional counselors or coaches.

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A Message from Our Founder & Teen Mentors

Being a teen mentor has truly made me want to positively change someone's day or even their outlook. Even if it is in the smallest way possible.

Julianna / 17 years old

I love listening to the advice that other teen mentors have because they have ideas that would never cross my mind. I like being a part of this community because, especially now with stay-at-home orders, it is a way to connect with like-minded people my age.

Sabrina / 17 years old

I love being part of a community that promotes being the best version of yourself.

Mia / 16 years old
442 Minutes = Average Daily time Teens Spend on Screens (So make it positive!)
32% of Teens experience anxiety at a level that impacts their daily lives
59% More Teens now report feeling depressed compared to 2011
39% of High School Seniors said they often felt lonely

Benefits for All Teens

Feel Connected. Develop Skills. Prepare for Life.
positive community-80
Positive Community

Teens Supporting Teens. Adult Role Models.

daily connection-80
Daily Connection

Positive Peers. Caring support.

inspiration and ideas-80
Inspiration & Ideas

Healthy Living. Healthy Relationships.

motivation and accountability-80
Motivation & Accountability

Set Goals. Be heard.

self expression-80

Voice Your opinions. Ask Your Questions.

creative games-80
Creative Games

Fun, Interactive Polls, Quizzes, More.

leadership skills-80
Leadership Skills

Build Credibility for College and Job Applications

develop emotional intelligence-80
Develop Emotional Intelligence

The Number One Quality Sought by Top Organizations

Level Up Your Life!

Level Up is a positive online community, curated by professional counselors and coaches, designed to inspire, motivate, and help teens to ``Level Up`` and advance themselves as they work towards achieving their potential. Whether your teen is in need of boosting self-esteem, making positive peer connections, or wants to develop leadership skills, all interested teens ages 13-17, from anywhere in the U.S., are welcome to join our community.

We meet teens where they're at: on social media.

Using a private Instagram account (only accessible to subscribers), and other social apps, our energetic teen community offers positive support, inspiration, tips on healthy living, and daily connection for teens online.

Our program includes:
live stream video, interactive polls, games, quizzes, interviews with fellow teens, interview with experts, and discussions about issues important to teens.

Level Up provides teens with a special community to be part of, and gives them a place to ”like”, ”comment”, and ”post” where they will always find positive peers and adult role models to connect with.

We Appreciate & Support: